President: Benjamin Shelton, MD (2017-2018)
Vice President/President-Elect: Nathan P. Peimann, MD (2017-2018)
Secretary: Nicholas Papcostas, MD (2017-2018)
Treasurer: David Scordino, MD (2017-2018)
Immediate Past Presdient: Anne Zink, MD, FACEP (2017-2018)

Board of Directors

Russ Johanson, MD
Danita Koehler, MD (2015-2017)
Megan Lea, MD
Stanley Robinson, MD (2015-2017)
Mark Simon, MD

All active Alaska ACEP members are eligible to serve on the Board of Directors or represent the chapter as a Councilor. The Board of Directors has general supervision of chapter affairs between annual meetings. Councilors represent Alaska ACEP at National ACEP college Council Meetings held in conjunction with National Scientific Assembly.

The Alaska ACEP Board of Directors meets quarterly to discuss chapter business. If you are an Alaska ACEP member and would like a copy of the minutes, please contact the chapter via e-mail.