COVID-19 Updates

Helpful Links

NEW! “Alaskans must act now to avoid the worst from COVID-19”  Full article here
An op-ed piece written by AK-ACEP Board members, Drs. Nate Peimann, Nick Papacostas, Dave Scordino,  Russ Johanson, Stan Robinson, Leigh Wright, Chris Mickelson, Ben Shelton 

“We’re the directors of Alaska’s emergency rooms. It’s time to shut down nonessential air travel.”
An op-ed piece on the Anchorage Daily News urges Alaska citizens to severely limit travel to the lower 48.

Risk & Evaluation Criteria

The CDC website has a chart to guide evaluation of patients under investigation.

Cases should be reported to the hospital’s infection control department and to the local or state health department.

Testing in the U.S.: More laboratories are coming on line each day, and test turnaround times should improve. View CDC’s map of COVID-19 test availability.